JET7.M150A - 333-piece set of industrial maintenance tools - 7 drawer roller cabinet and chest

    Set supplied with 7-drawer roller cabinet JET.7GM3 and chest JET.C4GM3. Content specification below. 
    Weight: 220.137 kg.

    Warranty: please check warranty for the components of the set

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    JET.7GM31JET roller cabinet, 7 drawers, 3 modules per drawer, black
    JET.C4GM31JET chest, 4 drawers, 3 modules per drawer, black
    440.JE1818Sets of metric combination wrenches, 6 - 24 mm
    4406Combination wrenches: 26-27-28-29-30-32 mm
    39.JE10T10Short combination wrenches, 3.2 - 11 mm
    40.LA4Long combination wrenches: 33-35-36-38 mm
    44.JE1212Wrenches, 6x7 - 30x32 mm
    31.JE6T6Wrenches, 8x9 - 18x19 mm
    64C.J22Multi-size ratchet ring wrenches, 8x10 - 18x19 mm
    113A.C2Chromed adjustable wrenches, 20 - 30 mm
    134A.181Cast-iron American model pipe wrenches, 76 mm
    R2NANO38Set of 6-point 1/4" sockets, 5.5 mm - 14 mm
    S.161-5P12301/2" sockets in case, 12-point, 8 mm - 34 mm
    SXL.1801Hinged extendable handle 1/2"
    K.432E16Box of 3/4" 12-point metric-size sockets, 30 mm - 55 mm
    S.306A2001Click wrenches with removable ratchet, 200 Nm
    AN3Protwist® screwdrivers for slotted screws: 3.5x75 - 4x100 - 5.5x100 mm
    AND3Protwist® screwdrivers for Pozidriv® screws PZ0-1-2
    ANF2Protwist® slotted screwdrivers, forged blade 6.5x150 - 8x200 mm
    ANP3Protwist® screwdrivers for Phillips® screws PH0-1-2
    ATWDH3X1501Protwist® screwdriver for Pozidriv® screws, hexagonal blade, PZ3
    ATWH10X1751Protwist® slotted screwdriver, hexagonal blade 10x175 mm
    ATWPH3X1501Protwist® screwdriver for Phillips® screws hexagonal blade, PH3
    ACL.2A1Ratchet handle 3 in 1
    AMZ.E11/4" hexagonal bit holder
    AT.TVE31000V Protwist® insulated screwdrivers for slotted screws, thin blade: 3.5x100 - 4x100 - 6.5x150 mm
    ANP.TVE21000V Protwist® insulated screwdrivers for Phillips® screws, thin tip: PH1-2
    AV.HT1C1Protwist® screwdriver with voltage tester
    AEF.J15Micro-Tech® screwdrivers for slotted and Phillips® screws, 1.5 - 2.5 mm and PH00
    AFU.11Slotted screw gripper, 7 mm
    ATP8x1251Round scraper, blade: 8x125 mm
    83SH.JP9A9Set of hexagon keys in wallet, 1.5 - 10 mm
    89.JP8A8Set of Torx® keys in wallet, T10 - T45
    181A.25CPE1Locking twin slip-joint multigrip pliers 245 mm
    181A.30G1Locking twin slip-joint multigrip pliers 300 mm
    185A.20CPE1Long half-round nose pliers, 200 mm
    187A.18CPE1Combination pliers, 185 mm
    188A.16CPE1Flat nose pliers, 168 mm
    189A.17CPE1Round nose pliers, 170 mm
    192A.16CPE1High-performance diagonal cutters, 160 mm
    195A.20CPE1Long half-round nose pliers, 200 mm
    185.34L1Double jointed extra long half-round nose pliers, 340 mm
    405.12MT1Micro-Tech® "high capacity" cutters: power
    495A.22EL1Heavy-duty end nippers, 215 mm
    167A345° angled nose outside Circlips® pliers 19-60, 10–25, 40-100 mm
    169A345° angled nose inside Circlips® pliers, 12–25, 19-60, 40-100 mm
    501A1Long-nose lock-grip pliers
    501AMP1Single-setting lock-grip pliers
    521.2001G-clamp pliers with sliding jaw
    805.11Universal caliper 1/50 — 150 mm
    893B.2131Tape measure, ABS material, 2m
    DELA.1051.3001Stainless steel rulers - 2 sides, 300 mm
    200C.261Graphite handle riveting engineers hammer, 0.345 kg
    200C.321Graphite handle riveting engineers hammer, 0.585 kg
    208A.32CBA1Adaptable-tip mallets
    212A.401Dead-blow hammers, interchangeable tips
    2475Nail drifters with handle: 1.9 - 2.9 - 3.9 - 5.9 - 7.9 mm
    2495Drifters with handle: 1.95 - 2.95 - 3.95 - 5.9 - 7.9 mm
    256.41Precision centre punches, 4 mm
    257.G1Sheathed automatic centre punch
    263.181Slim chisels, 21 mm
    265.201Slim chisels, 10 mm
    265.G181Sheathed cape chisels, 10 mm
    603F1High performance hacksaw frame
    668A.810Cobalt steel bimetal saw blades
    840.F1Lock-back knife with bi-material handle
    844.R1Retractable utility knife with interchangeable blades
    883B1Scroll shears
    980C1Multi purpose shears
    996.51Compact steel cable cutters
    779.CBT1Compact pen torch
    701B1DAT VAT safety tester
    221.227J241Tap and die sets, M3 - M18
    222A.TJ1919Sets of ground twist drills, 1 - 10 mm
    237.A1Thread reconditioning tool
    827B1Flexible magnetic retriever - high power
    830A.101Short ratcheting tap wrenches, 105 mm
    830A.10L1Long ratcheting tap wrenches, 300 mm
    834B.RTI1Telescopic mirrors
    STG5Files for general mechanics and automotive repairs
    U.306A1401Outside pullers
    U.306G21Spare foot for U.306
    U.306M1Slide hammer 2 kg
    Y.RIV11Maintenance kit for multi-thickness aluminum rivets
    237.B1Thread reconditioning tool
    270A.MA1Steel wire brush
    235.J13Set of 3 stainless steel scrapers

    Data sheet

    Nazwazestaw CM.150A z wózkiem 7 szuflad JET.7GM3 i skrzynką JET.C4GM3
    Typdla mechaników
    Ilość elementów333
    Przechowywaniewózek JET.7GM3, skrzynka JET.C4GM3

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    JET7.M150A - 333-piece set of industrial maintenance tools - 7 drawer roller cabinet and chest

    JET7.M150A - 333-piece set of industrial maintenance tools - 7 drawer roller cabinet and chest

    Set supplied with 7-drawer roller cabinet JET.7GM3 and chest JET.C4GM3. Content specification below. 
    Weight: 220.137 kg.

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