• K.306A1000 - click wrenches with removable ratchet, 200 - 1000 Nm

    • Factory accuracy: ± 4%.
    • Reliability of mechanism: 50 000 cycles (wrenches up to 200 N.m).
    • Can be used with Ø 30 mm accessories.
    • One-way wrenches usable for unscrewing by reversing the bits.
    • Numbered wrench supplied with ISO 6789 calibration certificate.
    • Supplied in plastic box with ratchet.

  • E.506-340S - torque and angled adapter

    • Drive bit 1/2".
    • Accuracy:
    - Torque: ± 3% between 20% and 100% wrench capacity.
    - Angle: ± 2°.
    • Measuring mode: peak or track follower.
    • Cycle counter.
    • Locking keypad (the operator has access only to program choices and memorise results).
    • Measuring unit: N.m,,,, deg.
    • Presetting possible of 9 torque and/or angle values.
    • Memory 50 values.
    • Length: 80 mm.
    • Supplied in plastic case with calibration certificate.
    Weight: 268 g.

  • DM - angular torque gauge

    • 2° graduations.
    • Male and female square drive.
    • Fixed point by flexible with magnet.

  • MC.B - torque multiplier

    • Compact and lightweight models suited to maintenance work on vans, trucks.
    • Multiplication ratio: 5:1.
    • Supplied with 2 reaction arms (straight and angled) and one spare drive square.


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