• DM.30 - universal clutch aligner no.2

    • The tool centres and holds the clutch disc and mechanism.
    • Supplied complete with 3 expanding clamps:
    - Clamp for diameter 18 to 21 mm.
    - Clamp for diameter 22 to 25 mm.
    - Clamp for diameter 14.5 to 18 mm.

  • 470 - inside and outside circlip® pliers

    • Interchangeable tips for:
    - diam. 8 --> 63 mm, for inside circlips®.
    - diam. 3 --> 63 mm, for outside circlips®.
    • Including:
    - 469.PA: Inside circlip® pliers.
    - 467.PA: Outside circlip® pliers.
    - 82H.2.5: Key.
    - Set of 18 removable tips.
    - Supplied in a plastic case.
    Weight: 1.50 kg.

  • 467.01AJ2 - set of spare screws

    For Ref.: 467 - 469 - 470.

  • DM.14 - transmission collar clamp

    • To crimp collars on transmission bellows.
    • For OETIKER collar.
    • Dimensions (L. x W. x H.): 280 x 50 x 20 mm.
    Weight: 475 g.


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