• 980 - multi purpose shears

    • 980: straight blade version.
    • 980C: angled blade version.
    • Blade opening 29 to 36 mm.
    • Handle opening 77 to 102 mm.
    • Comfortable: non-slip bi-material grips.
    • Safe: locks in closed position.
    • Accurate: slightly serrated blade prevents any risk of slippage.
    • Ideal for all everyday cutting applications:
    - Cardboard, rubber, PVC, leather 5 mm thick.
    - Thin sheet steel 0.5 mm thick, aluminium sheet up to 1 mm thick.
    - Electric cables up to 2.5 mm diameter.
    - Hoses, tubes, insulating foam, etc.

  • 841A - sheathed electricians scissors

    • Ergonomic plastic moulded sheathing, left/right hand.
    • Long blades, with wire cutter.
    • Finish: bi-material grips, burnished blades.

  • 841 - electricians scissors

    100% metal handles, left/right hand.
    • Short reinforced blades, with wire cutter.
    • Finish: polished chromed.

  • 841A.9 - multi-purpose scissors

    • Multiple use, highly versatile and maximum comfort.
    • Exclusive FACOM ergonomic grip for right-handers for better comfort.
    • Ideal for cutting thick cardboard, aluminium (thickness 0.2 mm), rubber (thickness 3mm), leather (thickness: 5 mm), rope, etc.
    • Stainless steel blades: precision and better durability of the cutting edge.
    • Finish: bi-material grips, burnished blades.


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